What we do

Ropheka Foundation was founded in 2011. Ropheka Foundation works with people of poor communities to improve their living standards and their health in a broad sense. Our way of working is holistic. Various different factors such as religion, social-economical status, education, environment, climate, are taken into consideration when we are dealing with certain problems in a community. We encourage self reliance and independence.

We run medical camps in remote areas which lack basic facilities. Medical work entails medical treatment and prevention. Besides that, we offer micro credits and organise relief work.

Finally, we train locals as primary healthcare workers.

Who we are

Sam and Karin met in 1997 and got married in 1998. Both have a desire to help people and communities in underpriveleged remote, rural areas.

Vision and Mission


We desire to see transformation in the lives of people who live in poverty and in rural communities in India. We want to see people in remote vulnerable communities become whole and restored and help the village people to become agents of transformation in their own and other communities.


We are passionate about improving the well being of people who live in poverty in remote rural areas in India and of people who are suffering as a result from natural disasters. We like to work together with others who have the same desire. We have a desire to bring facilities such as education and healthcare where those are lacking, lift people out of poverty and improve their social-economical status without them becoming dependent on us. We have compassion for the needy and are committed to the whole person with a concern for their spiritual, physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing. We want to help to develop villages into responsible, caring communities with changed people who are free to serve and care for others and reach out to tranform other communities.