1.  The Johnson family

Finances are needed for:

  • Food
  • Rent, gas and electricity.
  • Education for their 3 children
  • Medical insurance
  • A helper in the house
  • Traveling: every 3 or 4 years to the Netherlands for 2 months. If possible 2 years for 2 months.
  • Cost for being a partner with Interserve
  • Monthly payment for the jeep

2. The ministry

Finances are needed for:

  • Medical camps: medication, bandages, gasoline for the jeep
  • Money for equipment
  • Income generating project
  • Sponsors for the staff, because they don’t have a salary
  • Traveling cost for teaching and trips to the villages

Volunteers needed

3. Prayer

Get involved through specific prayer and intercession
We believe God answers prayer! Therefore we need your prayers for wisdom, protection, strength and finances to do our work.

Prayer is needed for:

Cooperation with village people and good teamwork
Young and often vulnerable churches
Justice and development
Success of the micro credit projects and people to be willing to care for others in their communities and improve the situation
Please pray for the work and the Johnson family
If you have any questions, please contact the HFC:

You can request:

A prayer letter via Stichting Schild van Geloof (Shield of Faith)
A newsletter (quarterly) for an update

We really appreciate any help! What you will do for the children and the ministry, you will do for our Lord and Savior Himself!

mail to: