Micro credit project  in Lower Santhook and Lumbung.

Ropheka Foundation supports families or women from underprivileged backgrounds, promoting self reliance and independency.

How does it work?

Women or families are getting small loans for livestock. A loan of approximately 2500 or 3000 rupees is given. A village committee is responsible for the process and outcome. They buy a piglet, chicks or a kid from the loan. After one to one and a half year the livestock will be sold and the loan will be returned. From the profit other livestock will be bought. The returned loans can now be given to new families.

Thus, by providing small loans we can raise the standard of living without creating dependency.

Village people have to sign a simple and clear contract.  Besides these micro credits, some people will also contribute to the financial independence of local projects with income generating projects such as vegetable gardens or a cardamom plantation.

For this, bigger loans are provided and there are agreements for paying back the loan to Ropheka Foundation and sharing profit. After a few years the family will own the project.

income generating project

income generating project