About Ropheka Foundation

Ropheka Foundation works with a team of local believers. Some of them are trained primary healthcare workers or nurses.

Often remote communities are deprived of basic facilities such as education, healthcare, proper roads and electricity. We look upon the community or the church as a tool to change society.

We encourage local churches or people in their community to offer help themselves based on their own felt needs. Their own input, self-help and ownership is encouraged.  The poor, women and children have our special attention.

Ropheka Foundation occasionally offers help where natural disasters have occurred.

Where are we based?

At present we work in remote rural areas, mainly in Tibetan Buddhist villages in Darjeeling District, Sikkim and at the border of Bhutan. Some villages have a mixture of Buddhist and Hindu populations. We work among groups of people such as the Sherpas, Lepchas, Bhutias, Tamangs and Limbus. We have organised relief work in Nepal and Bihar (North India).

map India, see red oval, Kalimpong, district Darjeeling

How do we do our work?

  • We work with a team of local believers. Some of whom are trained primary healthcare workers or nurses.
  • By networking and working closely together with other ministries and local churches of different denominations with similar goals.
  • By working together with and training local Christians. We train them to reach out to their own people with the gospel in a practical way.
  • Through partnership with local leaders in villages, evangelists, village committees or villagers who take initiative.
  • By continued support and regular donations.