We need:


Just finished your studies?

No job?

Want a challenge?

Do something useful?

We need enthusiastic people of all ages with different skills who want to work and learn in a different cultural setting.

  • Nurses and medical doctors for training and medical work
  • paramedic workers
  • Indian and Nepalese evangelists
  • Indian and Nepalese church planters
  • Administrative workers, networkers, fundraisers
  • Intercessors
  • People who want to set up new ministries within our vision
  • People who would like to start and run a business on behalf of the work

The workers have to communicate in English and when they are prepared to stay for a long term, are willing to learn the Nepali language. For a short term English is sufficient.

First aid course

Further information

If you wish to get involved and would like to have more information, please contact:


If you would like to get your congregation involved, we offer a PowerPoint Presentation. Also for schools we have a special PowerPoint Presentation. This way the children learn something about other cultures in a nice educational way.

Vaccination children in Reang with two Australian volunteers